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i want to start doing rp again

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now that i don’t work for disney anymore and can actually have a life

i guess i should start using my tumblr again

lost my job today, the same day i find out my grandmother is in stage four kidney failure

yeah 2014 is off to a great fucking start


We Love Harry Potter - Long Live the Clothing

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I am Loki of Asgard, and I am burdened with glorious purpose.


January 10th: Ships and Solo NSFW Thor

Thor/Sif AU in which Lady Sif comes to live with Thor upon Earth.

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Home alone & I hear a noise



more relatable?

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Sirius’s death gets a lot sadder when you remember that over the summer, he gave Harry that mirror so they could talk. If Harry had just used that god damn thing, he would have seen that Sirius was in no danger at the end of the year.

But it gets even sadder when you…

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